Premium Services

Immense Protection  |  Fantastic Gloss  |  Ease of Maintenance

The perfect packages for people looking for cost effective solutions to spruce up their vehicle. Without compromising quality and by integrating certain processes we are able to deliver services that truly push the boundaries of cost performance.

CDG – Correction & Enhancement

1+ days

Whether you are looking to remove imperfections like swirls or wanting to take your paintworks gloss to a new level, this the service for you. We utilize techniques that give you the maximum amount of cut and finish that is possible in each of our polishing sets. Our single stage correction can remove 65%+ defects and the latter end of our multi stage correction can strive for 95%+

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To start the process, vehicle is pre washed, followed with a thorough wash including door jambs. Thorough decontamination (both chemical and mechanical – clay bar) follows to clean the paint surface. Paint depth readings are taken over the whole car to ascertain not only the depth, but how much work will be required to be carried out. A test area is started to work out which compound combination to use. All cars need to be treated as individuals – what worked on one car, may not work on the next car. Vehicle is taped up to protect areas of the car like door rubbers, body plastics, windows and lenses etc. The relevant stages of compounding begin.

Once compounding is complete, a glossing layer is completed to further extract gloss and prepare a base for protection. Two layers of Sealant are applied to surface, to lock in the finished result. Again, depending on how the car is maintained, the protection may generally last up to 6 months, but can be longer due to personal circumstances.

Interior and exterior windows are cleaned, wheels/ tyres/body plastics are cleaned and dressed.

Given the differences in paint types, condition and colour, prices for multi stage correcting will vary – hence why we give a “starting” price as an indication. Vehicle inspection is essential, so we can find out your expectations and budget, and talk about what we can achieve. All vehicles will have paint depth measured to see how much paint we can safely work with, and a test area is begun to work out the best combination to get the desired result.

New Car Paint Protection

1-2 Days

Our entry level into the ceramic coating market, aimed at the new car buyer, looking at protecting their new purchase. Coating for choice is Nova EVO which offers fantastic protection and great gloss.

Light correction included to enhance gloss and increase clarity to paintwork reflection followed by single layer application

Why Protect your vehicle?
Why Paint Protection? Your car is generally your second most expensive investment you make – the first usually being your house. You have spent a considerable amount of money, so why not protect it? Your car is out in the elements, the heat from the sun, the UV also from the sun, industrial fallout, acid rain, bird poo… These will affect the paint work on your car, reducing the gloss and clarity, and leaving a rough feeling on the surface. And regular washing of your vehicle, while great, simply isn’t enough to maintain your car. And let’s face it – we’re all time poor! You can coat your car in a wax – that may last 1-2 months. You can coat your car in synthetic waxes or Sealants – that may last around 6 months. Our Coating will last at least 3 years. The Coating itself is just one part of the service provided. It’s the preparation that is the major key to the Coating being effective, and then it is the maintenance that ensures the Coating continues to do what it is intended to do.

Prestige Ceramic Coating 

2-3 Days

Our mid level coating, consisting of a single stage correction to the paintwork to remove any swirling and light scratching, enhancement of gloss and clarity, followed by a professional-grade dual layer coating and cured with infrared lamps

Premium Ceramic Paint Coating

2-3 days

Cquartz Finest Reserve, while not only being a fantastic protective product, it upholds the very core values to us detailers. It is only available to a few , ones that are fastidious by nature with the passion and skill set to showcase the best side of coatings.  We go through every step necessary to ensure paint perfection and the ultimate reflective surface for Finest Reserve to truly shine on.

What is Cquartz Finest Reserve?

This Next-Gen technology utilizes an advanced hybrid nano structural composition, which bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials creating an extremely high gloss, dense nano-coat!  Additionally this results in an extremely durable, thick coating with advances in a variety of attributes and unlike anything that has come before it.  With our advanced “sio2poxi” tech, the new Finest Reserve is extremely resistant to water spots, acids, solvents, ice, oils, dirt, UV, and all manner of environmental attacks!

CarPro has once again paved the way for paint protection of the future with incredible repellency to anything the environment may toss at it and an industry best sliding angle of only 10 deg!  From all field tests, we believe our latest tech is truly the best protection any automotive surface can achieve!

The Ultimatum

3-4 Days

Where you are looking for every surface, corrected, enhanced/conditioned and protected this is the service for you. We make sure every part of the vehicle is lookings its best and that is can stand through the  test of time. 

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Additional Premium Services

  • Leather Protection from $295
  • Fabric Protection – Seats $295  |  Interiors from $440  |  Fabric Convertible Roofs from $295
  • Wheel Protection – From $75/wheel face  |  From $110/Full Wheel
To enquire or book in to any of our packages, please follow the link and get in touch with us.