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Ferrari 458

An absolutely mennacing 458 speciale, after its correction the red was amplified unbelievably. Exotics are a lot different to correct than other vehicles, the differing composites and complexities of the contours and curves can make this process challenging. However with our array of polishers and expertise we are able to safely enhance these exotic weapons!

Corvette Zr1

This piece of american muscle now is encased with one of our hardest wearing coatings. With a selection of fine polishing stages, we were able to enhance the solid yellow without induing any hazing, giving you that fantastic wet look in the shade and an almost eye squinting shine in the sun. The interior and wheels were coated to complete the package. 

Porsche GT3 RS

This iconic GT3 RS was in for a correction & coating. This was coated in the polishangel system, which is coating system we don’t usually offer. However, we felt it perfectly fit the customers wishes, as the hybrid coating gives more of a wax look, but will still last a lot longer than a traditional wax.