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Our speciality is perfecting and maintaining premium and high-end market vehicles. With extensive knowledge and skills from over 12 years in our business, we can professionally enhance and maintain your vehicles image.

Paint Correction and Paint Protection works are all completed at our factory and we take our time and expertise to ensure a high quality finish. Our services extend to Personalised Maintenance Programs to ensure optimum care for the regular cleaning and condition of your car after paint works are completed.

                                • We recommend an inspection of your vehicle to discuss your expectations, outline our work standards and complete an accurate quote. All inspections are completed at our factory  Monday- Wednesday 9am -5pm.
                                • Our factory is located at 2/9-11 Leather Street, Breakwater.  Please call us on  0409 562 452  to make an appointment.



Paint Correction – (1-4 days)

To what a lot of people call a “Cut & Polish”, Paint Correction is much, much more technical than that simple expression. Paint Correction is essentially being able to perfect the paintwork, in stages. Removing swirls, holograms, water spots, bird poo etchings and scratches can take several stages of Compounding, depending on the severity of the damaged surface.

      • Single Stage Correction will improve the paintwork to approx. 40-50% for harder paints, and 50-70% for softer paints, and this may be all that is needed to have the desired result. The initial condition of the paint will also contribute to how much difference is made. Lighter coloured cars can sometimes only require this level of Correction.
      • Multi-Stage Correction will take the improvement level to approx. 70-99%, and significantly improve the finish, with increased gloss, and clarity, while removing all but the heaviest scratches in the paint. First stage is a heavy compounding to remove defects, followed by a finishing/light compounding to increase the resultant gloss and clarity. Further stages used include heavier compounding and wet rubbing. Darker coloured cars will generally require at least 2 stages of Correction.
      • Given the differences in paint types, condition and colour, prices for multi stage correcting will vary – hence why we give a “starting” price as an indication. Vehicle inspection is essential, so we can find out your expectations and budget, and talk about what we can achieve. All vehicles will have paint depth measured to see how much paint we can safely work with, and a test area is begun to work out the best combination to get the desired result.

To start the process, vehicle is pre washed, followed with a thorough wash including door jambs. Thorough decontamination (both chemical and mechanical – clay bar) follows to clean the paint surface. Paint depth readings are taken over the whole car to ascertain not only the depth, but how much work will be required to be carried out. A test area is started to work out which compound combination to use. All cars need to be treated as individuals – what worked on one car, may not work on the next car. Vehicle is taped up to protect areas of the car like door rubbers, body plastics, windows and lenses etc. The relevant stages of compounding begin.

Once compounding is complete, a glossing layer is completed to further extract gloss and prepare a base for protection. Two layers of Sealant are applied to surface, to lock in the finished result. Again, depending on how the car is maintained, the protection may generally last up to 6 months, but can be longer due to personal circumstances.

Interior and exterior windows are cleaned, wheels/ tyres/body plastics are cleaned and dressed.


Our pricing for paint correction is a “starting” price. Again, all vehicles to be quoted, must be inspected prior to finalised price being given, and work commencing.

These prices may change based on the condition of the vehicle, and complexity of expectations.


Small Car = $395

Medium Car = $450

Large Car = $550


Small Car = $550

Medium Car = $700

Large Car = $850

    • An optional extra instead of a Sealant being applied to the paint, is a Coating, commonly referred to as Paint Protection. More information on our Coating follows.
    • We also have Spray Coatings available. If your budget doesn’t stretch to the full Ceramic Coating, these may be an option for you. Ask us for further details….!

Paint Protection (Ceramic Coating) – 3-5 days duration

Why Paint Protection? Your car is generally your second most expensive investment you make – the first usually being your house. You have spent a considerable amount of money, so why not protect it? Your car is out in the elements, the heat from the sun, the UV also from the sun, industrial fallout, acid rain, bird poo… These will affect the paint work on your car, reducing the gloss and clarity, and leaving a rough feeling on the surface. And regular washing of your vehicle, while great, simply isn’t enough to maintain your car. And let’s face it – we’re all time poor! You can coat your car in a wax – that may last 1-2 months. You can coat your car in synthetic waxes or Sealants – that may last around 6 months. Our Coating will last at least 2 years. The Coating itself is just one part of the service provided. It’s the preparation that is the major key to the Coating being effective, and then it is the maintenance that ensures the Coating continues to do what it is intended to do.

The Coating we offer is CarPro Cquartz Finest. It is the most exclusive glass coating available, due to it only being available to authorised and trained technicians, that are hand selected to be able to gain access to this amazing product. And we are an Authorised Applicator of Cquartz Finest.

CarPro Cquartz Finest is a ceramic based glass coating, which when it cures, adds a sacrificial layer that is much harder than the clear coat already on your car. Finest is extremely Hydrophobic – its ability to repel water is extreme. It is the richest, deepest and highest gloss coating available. Bug splatter is much easier to get off as the acids from the bugs won’t penetrate the coating. Yes, you still need to remove the bugs, but the time it takes for the damage to occur, is much longer due to the coating. Your car will be much easier to maintain, as dust, dirt and contaminants do not bond to Cquartz Finest, like they do with paint even with a wax or sealant. Due to the extra hardness of the coating, Cquartz Finest has been proven to resist fine swirls, and it is still important to continue to use high quality mitts and drying towels to maintain your vehicle.

Having a Coating on your car, doesn’t now mean you can sit back and forget about looking after your car. You still need to maintain it. It still needs to be regularly washed, and looked after, and done so with the right products. As part of our service, with our Premium Coating packages, you will receive a Maintenance Kit – free of charge – for you to maintain your Coated vehicle. The items in the kit, individually have a value of over $85.

For further information regarding these incredible products, head to


Pricing for Coatings is a “starting” price. Again, all vehicles to be quoted, must be inspected prior to finalised price being given, and work commencing. This is to conduct a paint inspection, to work out how much correction is required to achieve the required result, for the Coating to be applied.

Our starting prices are based on new cars, and requiring a single stage of correction prior to the Coating being applied. These prices may change based on the condition of the vehicle, size and complexity.


Entry Level – Single Stage Correction & Coating Application = $1650

CQuartz Professional – Single Stage Correction, Coating Application + Infrared Cured = $1950

CQuartz Finest Reserve – Single Stage Correction, Coating Application + Infrared Cured = $2500


Personalised ongoing program to suit your personal needs. This is discussed with owner to suit such things as how often car is used, location of vehicle, garaged/not garaged, and what your expectations are.

An example: –

    • Regular valet (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
    • Every 3-6 months, sealant applied
    • Every 12 months, machine polish to remove swirls/scratches, sealant applied
    • Ongoing maintenance of interior finishes such as shampoo of seats/carpets, maintaining leather surfaces

This service can be left to us to continually monitor condition of vehicle, or the owner may specify when/how often/level of detail for particular services.

P.M.P can also be tailored to suit CQuartz FINEST coated vehicles.

Super hydrophobic barrier that repels water and stains for up to 12 months. Can be used on fabric seats, carpets, fabric mats and door trims, headlining and fabric convertible roofs.

Price includes a vacuum, further work (stain removal) will incur additional charges.

Carpets & Seats (2) – $250, Seats alone – $195

Carpets & Seats (5) – $350, Seats alone – $275

Carpets & Seats (7) – $395, Seats alone – $325

Fabric Convertible Roof – $275



                • Resists stains, dirt, jean dye transfer, UV damage, hydro & oil phobic for 1-2 years (depending on use), non oily, non greasy
                • Price is based on new car seats, extra charge may be required for heavier cleaning
                • Seats (5) – $295
                • Seats (7) – $375

Protects the coated material to form a heavy glass layer on top of the surface, repelling dirt and dust. Makes removing brake dust much easier.

Face of wheel – $55/wheel

Include inner dish of rim (removing wheel off car) – $110/wheel



    • Rather than attach to the surface, a full bond is created by penetrating the top surface of glass, creating a hydrophobic surface, improving durability.
    • Repels water fast beyond 50 km/h for min 6 months up to 12 months
    • $110

    Removing the faded yellow appearance to external polycarbonate + glass headlights, restoring clarity, improving the effectiveness of your headlights, and ensuring the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

    A ceramic based coating is then applied to protect the restored surface.



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