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The perfect packages for people looking for cost effective solutions to spruce up their vehicle. Without compromising quality and by integrating certain processes we are able to deliver services that truly push the boundaries of cost performance.

Pre-sale Detail

4-6 Hours



  • Work to your budget, giving you the best value for money.
  • Vehicle is pre washed then washed including inner guards and door jambs.
  • Paint is chemically decontaminated to clean and prepare the surface.
  • (Additional Cost) – Machine Polishing refining stages to remove swirls and scratches, and add clarity and gloss to the paintwork
  • Aiming for 60%+ Defect removal while achieving 90% gloss & clarity.
  • A sealant or wax that gives the best possible look, while still lasting 3-6 months.
  • Wheels and tyres are cleaned and dressed, exterior windows are also cleaned.

Full Interior

3-6 Hours



    • Interior is thoroughly vacuumed.
    • Interior hard surfaces steam cleaned.
    • Seats and carpets including boot are cleaned and shampooed.
    • Leather seats and trims are steamed or lightly scrubbed clean, and conditioned.
    • Interior windows cleaned, then deodorized.

    If the interior is heavily soiled, or dog hair/sand is present, we charge an additional $50 for our interior detail.

Gloss Protection

3-6 Hours



  • Designed for the first step in protecting and improving the gloss exterior of your new car.
  • Protection from the dealership can last only a couple of washes, so we provide a high quality and longer form of protection, while improving the gloss as the same time.
  • Vehicle is pre washed, then washed including the door jambs.
  • Paint is chemically and mechanically (clay bar) decontaminated to clean the surface and prepare for protection.
  • Two coats of sealant/synthetic wax are used to provide approx. 6 months protection.
  • Wheels and tyres are cleaned and dressed, and interior and exterior windows are cleaned.

Full Detail

8-12 Hours

  •  $500
  •  Complete vehicle wash and cleanse. Which includes a presoak and decontamination (clay bar) of the exterior including door jambs, inner guards, wheels, engine
  • Light correction to paint, focused on increasing the gloss and removing minor imperfections, followed by Paint Sealant
  • Thorough vacuum, inc boot
  • Thorough clean or dash/console
  • Shampoo of all fabric seats, trims, carpets and mats
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Windows, wheels/tyres cleaned and dressed, body plastics dressed

Fleet Services



  • We look after a large number of corporate clients’ fleet cars, ranging from 3 cars to 20 cars.
  • Pricing is based on the number of cars & level of the wash / detail.
  • We come out to your site, inspect vehicles and a suitable work area, discuss client requirements and regularity
  • Have completed many site inductions, have applicable insurances
To enquire or book in to any of our packages, please follow the link and get in touch with us.